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Prepare for wild weather and save taxes

Alabamians are no stranger to wild weather. To start 2022, we went from a sunny, 75 degree day to tornado watches to unexpected snow in about 72 hours! As spring draws nearer, tornado sirens, pre-empted local television broadcasts, and abrupt changes to work/school schedules occur regularly as a result of the tornadic activity impacting Alabama. For several years now, the Alabama Department of Revenue encourages its taxpayers to plan ahead by selecting a weekend that exempts certain purchases from state sales tax. February 25-27, 2022, is this year's Severe Weather Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday.

Critical items that every Tennessee Valley resident should own like batteries, portable generators, and duct tape (see the full list: ) can be purchased on the Sales Tax Holiday weekend for a 9% savings for Madison & Huntsville residents (see the full list of participating local governments here:

Also, if you Roll Tide, Hail State, War Eagle, or other during the fall, this is an opportune time to stock up on tailgating items. Coolers, bungee cords, and more are tax-free during the weekend as well.